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"Thank you so much for your professional expertise during our reassessment this summer. Even with our permit additions, we did realize a reduction from 71280 down to 65570 which my spreadsheet estimates a thousand dollar savings if mills were to remain the same. Of course I know that the reduction is much more than a one year benefit because there will be savings each year to come. I am most satisfied with your service. I will look forward to using you again next year as market values are plummeting. I continue to recommend you to other neighbors to turn a negative market into a long term positive."
- Janet Villari, Clearview Estates, Yardley


"I want to send you my testimonial via email and let you how grateful I am to you. I am extremely happy with the result of my tax appeal decision. My taxes, now are almost $1,700.00 less a year. I would not have known how to go about this process. I did not respond to the first postcard you sent out. I saved it, but didn't respond. When I got the second post card, I still was pretty convinced nothing much would come of the matter, but the $12,000.00 a year I pay in taxes, pushed me to call you. You spent as much time on the phone with me, explaining, sometimes re-explaining the process and the numbers, as I needed to understand. And you took it from there. I had to do nothing but open my door to you for a short time one afternoon. I am indebted to you and I urge you to continue to help others in our community, especially those who are under the impression that the tax assessment are fairly given. Thanks again, so much."
- Philippe Gallagher, Lakeview Estates, Langhorne


"We want you to know that we are very pleased with the results of our recent tax appeal. Your efforts and that of your staff resulted in a substantial saving in our taxes. In these difficult financial times any tax relieve that a homeowner receives is greatly appreciated. We sincerely valued your professional advice and honesty in response to our situation. We have recommended your service to our neighbors and friends in the area. We look forward to working together again in the future."
- John and Laurie Riccio, Eagleton Farms, Newtown


"Arthur and I can't thank you enough for the work you did for us and especially the outcome. We just received the results of our tax appeal and the results were just as you said-amazing!
Our taxes will be lowered starting next year by $4, 879.00. I don't need to tell you that with the rising costs of food, gas and tuitions, that any way we can cut costs, is a help, particularly when we are overpaying for so much."

"What also impressed us was the ease of the whole procedure . You made it virtually effortless for us to do. And you were right, we definitely did not need an attorney – another $500 savings. The yield for the amount of effort we had to put in is astounding - a 'no brainer '!"

"I hope you don't mind being very busy. I have been telling all my neighbors and handing out your business cards. If there is anything we can ever do for you, please do not hesitate to call.
Again, thank you so very much for all your work and help."
- Arthur and Lori Barnaby, Jericho Valley


"Just to let you know that we received a reduction to $402K, which was better than the reduction for which we hoped."

"We also want to thank you for the professional manner in which you performed and the speed at which you responded when we were pressed against the filing deadline. As an attorney who has seen many appraisals, I admired the form and clarity of your report as well as the detail. You covered all bases and your description of the process enabled us to be prepared for the questions raised by the assessor at the hearing. "

"Also, I considered your fee to be very modest for the services rendered, especially in view of the amount of savings we will enjoy."
- Janis L. & Bruce D. Shuter, Flowers Mill, Langhorne


"Some time ago, I received one of of your post cards telling me that I'm paying too much in property taxes. Unlike most advertisements that I throw away, I answered this one. I called the number on the card and Jim answered the phone and asked me a few questions, he then told me how much extra I was paying in local property taxes. I was shocked! He explained what he does and what I should do to lower my tax obligation. He gave me all the necessary materials and said the process was easy. It was even easier than he explained, and the end result was over a $2,500 savings of my tax bill for the upcoming year. That's quite a return on a $400 investment for his services. Thanks, Jim!"
- Rich Walinsky, Stoneyford Estates, Southampton


"I am pleased to advise you that we were recently notified that the appeal on our property tax was successful. This will result in an annual tax saving of about $2,800 for us. Further to this, I wanted to write to thank you for the very prompt and professional service that you provided to us regarding the appraisal of our property in Upper Makefield. I have taken the liberty of recommending your name along to several friends who were considering an appeal of their property tax assessments. It is certainly money well spent! Once again, many thanks for all your help."
- John Simmons, Upper Makefield custom home

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