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If you're working with a real estate agent to list your property, more than likely they’ll provide you with a Comparative Market Analysis (CMA) that lists selected sales in your area.  This is a vital step of the valuation process, but far from comprehensive.   A CMA does not address how strong or soft a market is, provide an inventory analysis, address typical or expected marketing time, and detail your home’s positive features and potential negative factors. 

But even if you're working with the most experienced real estate agent, it's probably in your best interest to have an unbiased third-party's opinion of value.  We can provide you with an appraisal that can either help you set the initial sale price correctly, or if need be, adjust its current list price to the right price based on your preferred marketing time constraints.  In addition to helping you set a realistic selling price, a professional appraisal can:

  • Be a valuable negotiating tool once you have a potential buyer
  • Impress buyers with written proof of your home’s condition inside and out
  • Provide a detailed floor plan drawn to scale which will give you your exact square footage
  • Point out potential repair issues so there are no surprises

Many people are surprised when they find out the market value of their home is much more than they thought, by investing in a professional appraisal these people received several thousand more dollars.  Others have had an inflated opinion of their home's value and an appraisal helped them to realistically price their home in order for it to sell.  An overpriced home will not attract buyers, which means no offers and no closing.  As a result you have wasted valuable time, money, and efforts.

In addition to "how much", there may be other important questions to ask yourself before listing your home.  Questions like: “Would it be better to paint the entire house before we sell it"?  "Should I put in that third bathroom”?  “Should I complete my kitchen remodel”?  Etc…  While there are many upgrades we can do to our homes, not all have an effect on their value.  While a kitchen remodel may improve the appeal of a home, it may not add nearly enough value to justify the expense.  Inversely, there are remodel projects that not only pay for themselves, but provide a positive cash return.  We are expert at identifying these issues. 

An unbiased professional appraisal can help you make the best decision on what, if any, remodeling should be done and what sale price point to set in order to induce a sale.  Click on our listing appraisal sample in order to get an idea of the level of detail we provide.

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